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West Kentucky Community and Technical College's Inland Logistics and Marine Institute in  Paducah provides training and education for the logistics and marine industries. As well as providing a location near industry for workforce training, the Institute also houses WKCTC's Logistics & Operations Management and Marine Technology programs. Students can earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Logistics and Operations Management or Marine Technology completely online, giving them the opportunity to rise above the crowd and expedite their career.

Logistics and Operations Management encompasses numerous industries including warehousing, distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and construction. As supply chain management becomes more dependent on skilled employees and emerging technology; a highly trained and educated workforce is essential for success.

Working on Americas Inland Waterways calls for a commitment to continuous learning. Ever evolving technology and regulations require the modern mariner to be highly experienced and educated. The Marine Technology program is designed to accommodate the ever-changing schedule of the professional mariner helping them keep their head above water.

Workforce Solutions offers continuing education courses to assist employers' training needs.

From marine welding, machining, leadership skills and software training, the Inland Logistics and Marine Institute at West Kentucky Community and Technical College is leading the way to help expand and grow an employees skill set and learning potential.

In today's global environment, there are no borders to business. Vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers can be located next door or across the world.

If you are interested in a new career or moving up in the field of logistics and operations management or marine technology, we have the program to fit your needs.

Several Kentucky community colleges have joined forces with West Kentucky Community and Technical College to offer an online associate degree in logistics & operation management or in marine technology.

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  1. Complete the Application For Admission for WKCTC and select either the AAS in Marine Technology or Logistics and Operations Management.
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  3. New Students: Request final high school transcript or GED
    Transfer Students: Request all official college transcripts.

Note: All transcripts must be received before enrolling.

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  • Send high school transcript via mail or electronically by requesting at or your high school.
  • Hand delivered/mailed transcripts must be in a sealed official envelope with a print date of six months or less. GED transcripts must be mailed from the state.
  • For International transcripts, please refer to the Kentucky Community and Technical College (KCTCS) Foreign Transcript Policy.

The curriculum for the Logistics and Operations Management program is taught primarily online with flexible components to accommodate the busy schedules of our students.

Upon completing LOM100 the student will sit for the Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and the mid-level Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certification regulated by the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC). Learn more about CLT.

LOM 100 Certification Information

Visit the Logistics and Operations Management Program Page.

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For years, it was not uncommon for a deckhand on a towboat with no higher education to work his way up the ladder to become a Captain or Chief Engineer. Today as technologies are added and new U.S. Coast Guard regulations are put into place, individuals are finding that working on Americas Inland Waterways requires not only a love of the waterways but also a commitment to continuous learning.

The Marine Technology program gives the professional mariner the opportunity to rise above the crowd and establish themselves as a leader in the Industry as well as improve their opportunities to advance professionally. The curriculum for the Marine Technology program is taught online with flexible schedules to accommodate the ever changing schedules of the mariner.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College's Inland Logistics & Marine Institute is now offering an Electronic Charting Software Training Course using Rose Point Navigation Systems Software and an U.S. Coast Guard Approved 16-Hour Marine Basic Firefighting Course.

Schedule a Training.

The Marine Technology program is one of the reasons that West Kentucky Community and Technical College has been named one of the top ten community colleges of the nation by the Aspen Institute. The college is committed to providing excellence and educational opportunities and training in the high-wage, high-demand marine industry.

Visit the Marine Technology Program Page

WKCTC's Inland Logistics and Marine Institute offers a variety of training opportunities. These programs can be customized to the specific needs of a business. The training can be provided at the company's site and on the company's schedule, or we can host the training on campus.

Workforce Solutions at West Kentucky Community and Technical College continues to expand its continuing education course offerings to assist area employers' training needs. Schedule a Training.

Courses are designed to be very flexible and tailored to each employers needs. Many new course subjects have been added to our training offerings - from marine welding, updating skills for machinist, leadership or even updating the skills of office staff personnel with Microsoft products.

If you are opening a new business or would like to improve your current employee skill levels contact us for more information. There could be Kentucky State Grant Funds available to help offset training cost.

Learn more about our new Electronic Charting Software Training Course.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College now offers a Tankerman PIC Dangerous Liquids (U.S. Coast Guard approved  INLLMI-878) Barge Course completely ONLINE.

Any applicant who has successfully completed this Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (OnĀ­ Line) (INLLMl-878) course will satisfy the training requirements of 46 CFR 13.30l(c)(4) for an endorsement as Tankerman-PIC (Barge) DL; AND satisfy the training requirements of 46 CFR 13.120(a)(2) for renewal of a merchant mariner credential endorsed as Tankerman PIC (Barge) Dangerous Liquids.

Before enrolling in this course, please contact Barry Carter at for course requirements and information.

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