Confidentiality Statement | WKCTC

Confidentiality Statement

The Accessibility Services Office at WKCTC views all written materials pertaining to a student's disability as extremely confidential. All written documentation obtained by Accessibility Services Office is maintained in individual files and kept secure. It should be noted that disability records are not stored with other college records. Only staff persons working in the Accessibility Services Office have access to these files, and all staff receive confidentiality training to ensure the highest standard of confidentiality. At the Accessibility Services Office we view confidentiality seriously!

You can find additional information about your privacy and rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at FERPA. Any written material obtained by Accessibility Services Office is used to verify the disability and plan for appropriate accommodations.

  • Accommodation request forms prepared by Accessibility Services for instructors do not give specific information regarding a disability. Instead, the form explains that the student has a disability, and that Accessibility Services has documentation to support the student's need for reasonable accommodations.
  • Accessibility Services does not release disability related documentation or records. Students are advised to keep a copy of any documentation provided to Accessibility Services for their own records. Should documentation be required elsewhere, students are encouraged to obtain a copy of the needed documentation from the original source.