Procedures | WKCTC


In order to ensure receiving appropriate and "reasonable accommodations" for any WKCTC course in a timely manner, the following steps must be completed:

  • Any student with a "documented" disability should request services and provide appropriate documentation of the disability at the beginning of the semester and no later than midterm in order to ensure academic success. The Accessibility Services Office has the right to deny a request for accommodations if the documentation does not identify a specific disability or if the documentation fails to verify the need for the requested services. See Documentation Guidelines.
  • The Office of Accessibility Services will review the documentation of the disability provided by the student and respond to the student within 1 week of receipt of the appropriate documentation.
  • After the Office of Accessibility Services has reviewed the documentation, there will be a one-on-one consultation in which a discussion will occur concerning the interaction between the disability and the academic environment and determine all possible "reasonable accommodations".

The following questions will be answered during the consultation:

  1. What accommodations will be requested for each course in which the student is enrolled?
  2. Who will be responsible for providing the accommodations?
  3. How will the accommodations be provided?

Once "reasonable accommodations" have been determined, both the Office of Accessibility Services and the student will sign the Accommodation Request Form (ARF). The Office of Accessibility Services will email the student and all instructors a copy of the ARF.  Students are encouraged to arrange a conference with instructors to discuss the ARF.

  • The student is required to register with Accessibility Services every semester in order to get revised ARF sent to instructors.

*It is the students responsibility to notify the Office of Accessibility Services if requested accommodations are not being provided.