Resonable Accommodations | WKCTC

Reasonable Accommodations

For college students with disabilities, academic accommodations may be considered reasonable "if the requested modification does not lower academic standards, fundamentally alter the nature of the program or impose an undue burden on the college or university, and the modification meets the underlying reason for the requirement."  A college or university has both the diversity of resources and the flexibility to select the specific aids or services it provides, as long as they are effective.  Such aids and services should be selected in consultation with the student who will use them. The following are examples of some accommodations that the Accessibility Services Office at WKCTC has provided in the past. All accommodations are decided on a case-by-case basis; this is not a complete list of "reasonable accommodations."

  • Preferential seating
  • Use of tape recorder or Smartpen
  • American Sign Language Interpreting (ASL)
  • Real-time captioning (C-print, CART)
  • Permit use of computer software programs, laptop or other assistive technology
  • Extended time on exams and quizzes
  • Access to lecture notes
  • Distraction-reduced testing environment
  • Exams read orally
  • Provide a scribe on exams
  • Adaptive technology
  • Textbooks available in audio format