Testing with Accommodations | WKCTC

Exam Accommodation Procedures


  • Meet with your instructor to determine if the in-class exam conditions will be suitable.
  • If the in-class exam conditions will not be suitable, ask instructor if she or he can make alternative arrangements.
  • If instructor is unable to make other exam arrangements, submit an Exam Request via email to the Office of Accessibility Services. Before submitting, you must confirm the following details with your instructor for each exam:
    • exam date
    • exam time

Please remember to submit your request for extended time and/or distraction-reduced proctored exam in the Accessibility Services Office (ASO) by calling, or emailing the Office of Accessibility Services. You should also remind your instructor whenever you are taking the exam/quiz in ASO. Please, note the importance of submitting your exam requests as early as possible! We will not be able to respond to exam accommodation requests submitted less than 3 days prior to the exam date.

Student Responsibilities for Receiving Testing Accommodation

  • You must have official documentation less than three years old on file with the Accessibility Services Office in order to receive exam accommodations. You're specific accommodations will be determined based on a review of your documentation.
  • In order to receive accommodations, you must request accommodations through the Accessibility Services Office each semester.
  • We encourage students to deliver accommodation request forms (ARF) to each instructor and discuss accommodations in person during the instructors office hours, NOT after class due to privacy concerns. The instructor will receive two copies of your ARF one for him/her to keep and one to be signed and returned to the Office of Accessibility Services in ATB, RM 106.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to schedule all exams with Accessibility Services Office. Instructors do not automatically send the exams. You need to schedule each exam at least 3 business days in advance in order to ensure that your exam and a proctor will be available. Failure to do so may result in your having to take the exam in class without Accommodations. Finals MUST be scheduled in ASO at least 3 weeks before the week of Finals.
  • You MUST call, or email the Accessibility Services Office no less than 3 business days prior to your exam in order for us to get the exam in time. Please notify your instructors as well that you will be taking your exam in our office. The easiest way to cover this is to email your instructor that you will be taking your exam.
  • You must schedule your exams at the regular exam time unless you have back-to-back classes. In that case, you must inform your instructor and the Accessibility Services Office in order to get approval of alternate exam times.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule an exam due to illness, you must reschedule with your instructor and notify the Accessibility Services Office. We usually ask for an email from the instructor to verify the change.
  • Our Accessibility Services Office hours are 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. If you have exams at night or late Friday afternoon, you must schedule early enough to have sufficient time to complete them before the Accessibility Services Office closes.
  • If you do not begin your exam within the scheduled time, it is sent back to the instructor and you will have to contact him / her to reschedule the exam.
  • Only approved instruments/materials allowed in testing area. Coats, backpack, purse, cellular phones or other electronic devices are NOT allowed in any testing area. Students may NOT leave a testing session and expect to return and finish test.