Sector 2: Community Connections | WKCTC

Sector 2: Community Connections

Objective: To support organizations driving change in our region serving under-represented populations andindividuals facing barriers to education and careers, with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, whileencouraging these organizations to inform, assist, and refer potential adult and traditional students to WKCTC,utilizing the WKCTC Guarantee Scholarship where appropriate, and ultimately boosting WKCTC enrollment.
Anticipated Partners: NAACP; United Way; Oscar Cross Boys & Girls Club; Black Greek Organizations; Merryman House Domestic Violence Center; Hispanic-serving Organizations; Paducah Housing Authority; McCracken County Community Career Endowment and other organizations that help individuals overcomebarriers to education.
Deliverables: Financial support for participating organizations; Information/outreach about WKCTC GuaranteeScholarship; Establishment of referral and scholarship utilization processes with organizations
Impact: Catalyst for long-term relationships in reaching underserved populations; improves communitiesthrough assistance to DEI-focused organizations; increases WKCTC enrollment
Cabinet Members Assigned: Lee Emmons (Lead), Janett Blythe, and Octavia Lawrence