Sector 3: Expanding Rural Access | WKCTC

Sector 3: Expanding Rural Access

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Objective: To expand access to WKCTC in Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton, and Hickman Counties by expanding Wi-Fi capabilities; establishing a laptop loan program; and providing transportation assistance, focusing on utilization of the Skilled Craft and Purchase Area Training Centers in Graves County.
Anticipated Partners: Four Rivers Foundation; Adult Education; Public libraries; Housing Authorities; WK&T; West KY Rural Telephone; AT&T; Xfinity; Area Transit Authorities; Murray State University – Paducah Campus; City and County Governments
Deliverables: Expanded Wi-Fi infrastructure; Wi-Fi Hotspots; Loaner computers for students; Bus tokens
Impact: Increases access to education for rural and low-income residents through online and/or in-person avenues; increases WKCTC enrollment
Cabinet Members Assigned: Dr. Kate Senn (Lead) and Shay Nolan