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Sector 5: Student Success Academic Support Center

Objective: To increase overall student retention, success, and completion by expanding academic assistanceavailable, with added intentional outreach to diverse, underrepresented and low-income student populations andstreamlining current efforts through development of a dedicated academic support center.

Anticipated Partners: College Tutoring Center; Trio program; Accessibility Services; SkillsU Adult Education; multiple college departments and faculty and staff

Deliverables: Dedicated physical location providing multiple avenues of academic support; success coaches;supplemental instruction tutors

Impact: Provides early intervention for underprepared or struggling students; increases academic progress ofstudents; increases retention and completion
Cabinet Members Assigned: Dr. Uppinder Mehan (Lead), Dr. Kate Senn, Octavia Lawrence, Dr. Renea Akin, and Shay Nolan