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Sector 7: Faculty / Staff / College Support

WKCTC employees standing outside

Objective: To recognize the outstanding contributions of WKCTC’s faculty and staff who have contributed significantly to the college’s successes and will assist in continued initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; to strengthen and meet the needs of the college as a whole and bolster the regional workforce by providing sustainable support for WKCTC’s healthcare programs.
Anticipated Partners: College employees; Healthcare COUNTS Campaign Committee and Supporters; Nursing and Allied Health faculty and staff
Deliverables: One-time stipend to faculty and staff; support anticipated or unanticipated enrollment financial challenges; financial contribution to Healthcare Education-to-Work Endowment Fund
Impact: Boosts morale of employees who have gone above and beyond to maintain an excellent educational environment throughout the pandemic; provides incentive to continue striving for excellence; supports long-term enrollment gains in Nursing and Allied Health programs; helps meet regional workforce needs in healthcare
Cabinet Members Assigned: Bridget Canter (Lead), Lee Emmons, and Whitney Walker

In addition to providing faculty/staff and college support through one-time stipends that were awarded in January 2021 and providing a contribution to the healthcare education-to-work endowment fund for continuing support of WKCTC nursing and allied health programs, sector 7 provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to submit small grant proposals to support the development and implementation of DEI initiatives by WKCTC employees. 

  • A maximum of five grants of up to $2,000 each will be awarded each fiscal year
  • Applications are due by September 15th of each year
  • A committee will review the applications to determine which will be funded and the amount of the grant awarded
  • Applicants will be notified if application is funded no later than October 15th

Cabinet Members Assigned: Bridget Canter (lead)