Empowering Health Through Partnership: Abigail Fountain-Harris's Journey to Baptist Health Paducah | WKCTC

Empowering Health Through Partnership: Abigail Fountain-Harris's Journey to Baptist Health Paducah

Fostering Healthcare Excellence Through Collaboration and Commitment

Abigail Fountain-HarrisAbigail Fountain-Harris's journey from WKCTC graduate to a valued member of Baptist Health Paducah's Physical Rehabilitation & Therapy department serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and community partnerships.

Graduating from WKCTC with a passion for fitness and a desire to make a difference in patients' lives, Abigail found her calling in healthcare. Her journey to Baptist Health Paducah is a testament to the strong partnership between WKCTC and local healthcare institutions, like Baptist Health Paducah, driving healthcare excellence and economic growth in the region.

Abigail's dedication to her patients and her journey from student to healthcare professional underscores the integral role WKCTC plays in shaping the future of healthcare and making a tangible difference in the lives of patients and the community.

As Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Baptist Health Paducah, Dr. Marilyn Riley understands the significance of our partnership firsthand. According to Dr. Riley, "WKCTC is an awesome partner and supports our nursing pipeline. We are thrilled to have so many WKCTC graduates each semester, as well as student cohorts here for their clinical experiences. These graduates are essential to BHP and the community as they are members of our community and support the services we provide."

Dr. Riley further emphasized the value of hiring WKCTC graduates, noting that "We hire a large number of WKCTC nursing and allied health graduates each year. These graduates are well prepared and provide exceptional care to our patients. Our partnership with WKCTC is strong and we continue to support the college as a partner in healthcare."

When asked about the preparedness of WKCTC graduates for the workforce, Dr. Riley affirmed, "WKCTC graduates are well prepared for the workforce when they graduate. I also have the privilege of serving on the Nursing Advisory Council at WKCTC where we come together with the nursing leaders/faculty and other nursing leaders in the community to discuss the nursing graduates’ preparation level, and what we, as healthcare employers need from the college. We also have an opportunity to learn about changes in the curriculum and how we can best support the graduates. It is always a very informative and meaningful event,” she noted.

Looking ahead, Dr. Riley expressed excitement about the continued collaboration between WKCTC and Baptist Health Paducah. "I am very excited that we welcomed 30 WKCTC nursing graduates to our nursing team in 2023. We recently had an onsite recruitment fair and had 48 WKCTC nursing students attend. We anticipate hiring several of them in several of our nursing units and departments."

Our ongoing partnership with Baptist Health Paducah underscores the integral role WKCTC plays in driving economic growth and healthcare excellence in Paducah and beyond. Together, we are not only shaping the future of healthcare but also making a tangible difference in the lives of our students and the communities we serve,” said Dr. Riley.

"An essential part of health care education at WKCTC is the continued opportunity to collaborate with local healthcare partners in the design and implementation of students’ clinical experiences," said Dr. Shari Gholson, dean of the nursing and allied health division. “The ongoing partnership between WKCTC and Baptist Health Paducah has been instrumental in establishing a robust pipeline from our nursing program to the workforce.

Our graduates emerge with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional patient care.”