Sarah Masre’s Path of Growth and Success | WKCTC

Sarah Masre’s Path of Growth and Success

A Radiant Journey in Healthcare

Sarah MasreSarah Masre's inspiring journey from WKCTC to the Radiology Department at Mercy Health-Lourdes is a testament to personal growth and professional achievement. Her unwavering dedication to learning and compassionate patient care shines through every step of her remarkable trajectory.

At WKCTC, Sarah encountered the support and resources essential for pursuing her aspirations, despite facing initial obstacles. Through immersive hands-on experiences and invaluable mentorship, she refined her skills and emerged as a confident and capable healthcare professional, poised to make a meaningful impact.

Upon transitioning to Mercy Health-Lourdes, Sarah seamlessly integrated into the hospital's dynamic team, embodying its mission of delivering exceptional care to the community. Becky Inman, Director of Critical Care and Emergency Services at Mercy Health-Lourdes, speaks highly of Sarah's preparedness and unwavering commitment, underscoring the profound influence of WKCTC's rigorous training programs.

Sarah's journey epitomizes the collaborative synergy between WKCTC and Mercy Health-Lourdes, symbolizing their shared mission of nurturing talent and advancing healthcare excellence in Paducah and beyond. Her story stands as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the transformative power of education and partnership in shaping lives and communities.

At West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC), our commitment to community development is exemplified through impactful collaborations, none more profound than our partnership with Mercy Health-Lourdes, a pillar of healthcare excellence in Paducah and its environs.

Mercy Health-Lourdes stands as a pivotal regional referral center, catering to a vast geographic area spanning over a dozen counties across western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and northwest Tennessee. With a comprehensive array of medical specialties and cutting-edge technologies typically found in larger urban settings, the hospital consistently delivers exceptional healthcare services to its diverse patient population.

"We collaborate closely with WKCTC and its nursing students, providing them with unparalleled clinical learning opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills, preparing them for their future nursing careers," expressed Becky Inman, Director of Critical Care and Emergency Services at Mercy Health-Lourdes Hospital. She emphasized the significance of cultivating a local workforce, stating, "We are delighted when WKCTC students choose to commence their nursing careers with us, having experienced our mission firsthand during their clinical rotations."

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of trained nursing professionals to community healthcare, Mercy Health-Lourdes takes pride in its well-educated nursing workforce, many of whom are WKCTC graduates. Inman attested to the exceptional preparedness of WKCTC graduates, reflecting on her experience of hiring numerous WKCTC alumni who consistently uphold the hospital's mission of providing compassionate care to all.

Dr. Shari Gholson, WKCTC's dean of the nursing and allied health division, highlighted the significance of partnerships in providing students with real-world experiences, facilitating a seamless transition into the workforce. The enduring alliance between WKCTC and Mercy Health-Lourdes plays a pivotal role in furnishing the nursing program with graduates equipped to deliver excellence in patient care.