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Affordable & Flexible

At West Kentucky Community and Technical College, we recognize the challenges you face with balancing work, family and college. WKCTC offers flexible degree completion options to assist you wherever you are in the process of returning to college. WKCTC staff is available to answer the questions you may have about the program, financing your education and how to juggle attending college with your many commitments.

If you have never been to college before or are returning after many years, take a single course, or multiple courses to get started on gaining a degree. The benefits of continuing your education are endless. You can receive the training and education needed to climb the corporate ladder, earn promotions and higher pay in the workplace, switch to a better job within your company or elsewhere, or just improve your skills at your current occupation.

  • Learning takes place in varied places not just in the classroom.
  • WKCTC will award college credit for prior learning where applicable to your program of study.


Flexible College Opportunities

  • Option 1: Get a Jumpstart -- Earn credit for your prior learning or work experience.
  • Option 2: Accelerated Degree -- Earn your associate degree and an embedded certificate by attending class one night per week.
  • Option 3: Online Education -- Earn an associate degree at home with our online curriculum.
  • Option 4: A Combination of Options -- Choose a combination of the options that best fits your goals.

Prior Learning Assessment Program

  • Students are awarded credit for college-level learning derived from experiences outside the
    classroom. WKCTC uses the portfolio method for evaluating college-level learning experiences.
  • Prior learning credit will be awarded only if it can be equated with the learning out comes and objectives described in our catalog or in the course syllabus.
  • Portfolios are evaluated by an appropriate faculty member.