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What is an AFA Degree?

The Associate in Fine Arts degree is designed for students who are primarily interested in studying the visual arts. This degree is for students preparing to work in the field of visual arts, and for those who wish to transfer into four-year universities or art schools that grant the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Students take 25 credit hours of General Education requirements and an 18 credit fine arts core. The fine arts core consists of six classes that create a strong foundation for success in the practice of studio art. Students must also complete 18 hours of studio art electives from a wide variety of studio art courses such as ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and digital imaging, and printmaking.

Our Goals

  • To challenge each student to reach his or her highest level of artistic potential.
  • To produce culturally literate citizens who value art as a natural and integral part of their lives.
  • To serve as an anchor for the Paducah Arts District, creating a magnet for talent, energy, and critical thinking.
  • To provide culturally stimulating, thought-provoking programming to the citizens of western Kentucky and neighboring regions.

Our Mission

Paducah School of Art and Designs mission is to promote student success, excellence in teaching and learning, and economic development through diverse visual arts programming.

Our Vision

Paducah School of Art and Designs vision is to be a nationally recognized art program that promotes a creative community and regional economic growth.

Paducah School of Art and Design offers classes in a wide variety of visual arts studio areas and art history. Students may take beginning and intermediate classes for credit or recreationally and may choose to pursue an Associate in Fine Arts degree.

Credentials Offered

Field Licensure Requirements

Students are not required to pass a licensure for the Associate of Fine Arts degree. Students are encouraged to produce a portfolio of work in anticipation of transfer to a 4-year institution.

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