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Nursing Assistant Additional Information

What are the requirements for the program?

How long will this program take?

Nursing Assistant
It will take one semester to complete the Nursing Assistant Course (NAA 100) which will prepare you for the state certification exam to work as a State Registered Nursing Assistant in KY.

Advanced Nursing Assistant
It will take one semester to complete the Advanced Nursing Assistant Course (NAA 115).

Kentucky Medication Aide
It will take one semester to complete the KMA 100 course which will prepare you to take the KY Medication Aide certification exam.

Program Success

Program completion rate
For WKCTC 2013-14, combined completion rate was 97% and for 2014-15 combined completion rate was 95%.

Licensure Pass Rate
For the WKCTC 2013-14 class was 75%, and licensure pass rate for the WKCTC 2014-15 class was 86%.

Field Licensure Requirements

To be listed on the State Nurse Aide Registry and become a State Registered Nurse Aide, students must pass both the written and skills evaluation portion of the State Competency Evaluation Exam in addition to completing the program. CPR certification at healthcare provider level, proof of immunizations, background checks, and drug screens are required after a student is admitted and prior to starting the first semester of the program.