November 2019 | WKCTC

November 2019

West Kentucky Community & Technical College
Board of Directors and PJC Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Anderson Technical Building, Bistro
12:30 pm


The meeting was called to order by Chair Kelley, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by introductions of joint board members.  Those present were Andrew Castleman, Heather Coltharp, Summer Holland, Larry Kelley, Chair, Dennis Lacy, Barry McDonald, Chuck Murphy and Donna Pearson. PJC Foundation Board of Trustees members attending were Anne Gwinn Chair; Lee Emmons, Executive Director; Guthrie Allen, Chris Black, Bruce Brockenborough, Ann Denton, Judge Hines, Mike Sims, Teresa Spann, Dr. William Wheeler, Ken Wheeler, and John Williams.

Others in attendance: Dr. Anton Reece, Dr. Renea Akin, Susan Graves, Shay Nolan, Kevin O’Neill, Emily Peck, Janett Blythe, Bridget Canter, Octavia Lawrence, Tammy Thompson, Paul Aho, Todd Birdsong, Mellisa Duncan, Karen Brown, Kyle Fisher, Roberta Jackson and Melissa Allcock, assistant secretary.  


Mr. Lacy moved, and Mr. Murphy seconded to approve the October 1, 2019 minutes.  Motion passed.


Mr. Kelley thanked the college for their continuance of excellence.  He encouraged the Board to support the college and reminded them that Lee Emmons would be reaching out to set up individual meetings with board members, Lee Emmons and Dr. Reece, to discuss how they can further their support to the college.

Mr. Kelley also announced that West Kentucky Community and Technical College had just received a nomination from Aspen.


Dr. Reece reiterated the honor of the National recognition from Aspen, and that we were also pursuing Bellwether recognition.  In addition, the Marketing and Communication Department recently received National recognition. 

Holiday Luncheon and Graduation

Tammy Thompson invited both Boards to the annual Holiday Luncheon on Thursday, December 12th, in the Haws Gymnasium and the December 16th graduation ceremony at the Four Rivers Carson Center.

Business Immersion Center

Tammy Thompson reminded the Boards that today is the grand opening of the Business Immersion Center at 3:30 in Rosenthal.

V. Adjournment

Motion was made by Chuck Murphy and seconded by Donna Pearson to adjourn the WKCTC Board meeting. Chair Larry Kelley turned the meeting over to PJC Chair, Anne Gwinn, who conducted the PJC Board of Trustees meeting.