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MyPath Activation

Setting up Your Account

Setting up your account is easy. Here's what you'll need:

  • Your birth month and day
  • Your KCTCS Student ID (it's the nine-digit code at the top left corner of your schedule)
  • Your personal email address (if you provided one when enrolling)
  • A Desktop or Laptop

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Go the the User Account Center
  2. Choose Setup your User Profile
  3. Enter your birth month and day.
  4. Enter your KCTCS Student ID, then click Next.
  5. Verify your identity by having a code sent to your personal email or cell phone. (Don't have an email or phone number listed with us? Contact the Help Desk or see Student Services in the Learning Commons.)
  6. Finally, you’ll receive your user name and create your password! 
    Note: Your user name will be the first letter of your first name, your last name and a series of four numbers. For example: JDOE0012.
    • add "" to the end of your username for your KCTCS email address
    • Example

How to Log into Your Account

  1. Go to MyPath
  2. When asked enter your KCTCS email address and password
  3. Click "Next" on the "More Information Needed" pop-up
  4. Click "I want to choose a different method" and select "Phone"
  5. Type in the code that your receive via Text or Call

New Phone or change Phone Numbers?

Contact IT by calling (270) 534-3485 or (270) 534-3104.