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Nursing Assistant

Become a nursing assistant or aide, fully qualified and certified to provide superior clinical support for patients who need long-term care.

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Gwendolyn Duncan, BS, RN
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What is a Nursing Assistant?

A Nursing Assistant provides direct care for patients in multiple settings under the direction of a LPN or an RN. Nursing Assistants roles include providing for hygiene, comfort, exercise, safety as well as observing and reporting patient/client conditions. Often Nursing Assistants provide emotional support to clients as well as families during a healthcare encounter.

An Advanced Nursing Assistant has additional skills and knowledge to assume the role and responsibility of a Nursing Assistant in a variety of health care settings. An Advanced Nursing Assistant focuses on communication, infection control, safety, and residents rights while providing direct patient care under the direction of an LPN or RN.

A Kentucky Medication Aide administers specific medications in a long term care facility as delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse (LPN or RN).

Medical students practicing on manakin.

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