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Enrollment Checklist

Whether you’re a high school student, a returning student or just looking to take a class on the side, following these steps will make your admissions experience easy!


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Enrollment Steps

Apply for admissions online.

To get started you'll need:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • An email address that we can use to contact you.
  • Name and address of the high school you have attended.
  • Name and address of any colleges you have attended.

    Start Your Application

Complete the FAFSA online. WKCTC's school code is 001979. 

Check for VA Benefits if applicable

Check if you're eligible for the Work Ready Scholarship

Apply for WKCTC Scholarships

Applications for WKCTC Scholarships are submitted online.

Applications are accepted October 1 – March 1.

In order to accommodate prospective students who cannot take a placement test, WKCTC will use a cumulative high school GPA for placement for Summer 2020 through Summer 2021. High school GPA placement is based on the unweighted cumulative GPA recorded at the end of the most recent term completed.

Request Test Scores:

  • Request ACT Scores or SAT Scores  -OR-
  • Complete Placement Assessment.  Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Late testing by appointment only (Call 270.534.3407).
  • If taken, request AP scores (school code: 1620).  Mail directly to WKCTC Records, PO Box 7380, Paducah, KY 42002

First Time Students:

  • Request official final high school transcript at www.parchment.com, from your High School, or Board of Education. Acceptable delivery methods: Mail, In-Person, E-Mail, Electronic Delivery (ex. Parchment), and Fax.
  • If you earned a GED, you may request your GED transcript.
  • Transcripts must be final (include a graduation date and final GPA) in order to be considered official.
  • If you have completed Dual Credit coursework with another college, you must submit an official final transcript from that college. Acceptable delivery methods for college transcripts are: mail directly to WKCTC, Electronic Delivery (ex. Clearinghouse, e-Scripts, Evaluation Agency), and Hand delivered/mailed transcripts must be in a sealed official envelope, print date within 6 months.

Returning or Transfer Students:

  • Request all prior official post-secondary transcripts be sent directly to WKCTC.
  • Acceptable delivery methods: mail directly to WKCTC, Electronic Delivery (ex. Clearinghouse, e-Scripts, Evaluation Agency), and Hand delivered/mailed transcripts must be in a sealed official envelope, print date within 6 months.
  • We cannot accept any faxed, unsecure e-mailed or opened hand delivered post-secondary transcripts.

Visiting Students:

  • Submit your most recent/up-to-date post-secondary transcript (unofficial or official) from your home institution.
  • Acceptable delivery methods: Mail, Hand Delivery, E-Mail, Electronic Delivery, and Fax.

Schedule an appointment with an advisor to register for classes. 

New and Visiting Students should contact the Admissions Office at 270-534-3435 or WKCTCenrollment@kctcs.edu to schedule an appointment. 

Current, Returning and Transfer Students should contact the Advising Office at 270-534-3349 or WKCTCadvising@kctcs.edu to schedule an appointment. 

All students have access to the User Account Center and MyPath for access to class schedules and more. 

To set up your account, click on the User Account Center tile on the Current Students page. Select Setup User Profile to create your account. You will need to provide your birth month and day and KCTCS ID number. It will show you your KCTCS username and allow you to set a password. 

Make payment arrangements with the Business Office as necessary. 

You may also pay through the Student Self-Service Account after activating your User Account. 

Buy books at the WKCTC Bookstore in Anderson Tech Building or in our online bookstore

You may purchase books starting 2-3 weeks before classes begin. If you have excess financial aid and have completed your bookstore release via your student self-service you may charge books starting 10 days before the semester begins until 10 days after the semester has started.



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If you have questions about admissions, transcripts, courses or financial aid, feel free to connect with a member of our admissions team!

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