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With our focus on Student Success, we want to make sure you have the resources you need. Reach out anytime!

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Academic Resources

Sometimes you need a little more help in the classroom. We've got you covered.

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Veterans Services

WKCTC is here to help military service members, veterans and their families.

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Mental Health

Emotional wellbeing is essential to your success. Let us help with the stress.

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Accessible healthcare keeps everyone safe. Find a facility to serve your needs.

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Substance Use and Recovery

You are not alone. Recovery is possible.

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Clubs and Activities

Everyone should feel welcome and included. We strive to encourage and promote communities of all types.

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No one should go hungry. Find a resource close to home to stay nourished and focused.

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Whether you need career clothing for your first job interview or everyday clothes to feel confident in, opportunities are available.

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Career Services

We offer a range of resources and events to help you choose a career, find a job, and develop skills for lifelong success.

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Community Resources

Many state and local resources are available to anyone that is eligible. Reach out to see if you qualify.

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Child Care

Caring for children can be difficult, especially as a student. Find child care resources so you can come to class.

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Safe and secure housing helps to promote learning.


Legal Resources

As part of KCTCS' commitment to improving the quality of life of its students, we’ve compiled a list of available resources for students who need help dealing with personal legal issues.

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Getting around can be hard at times. Transportation services can help you get to campus when you need to.

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Can't find the resource you're looking for? Try the resource locator.

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SNAP/CCAP Application Support.