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Annual Study Abroad Trip

Portugal: Porto, Evora and Lisbon

Travel Dates: June 8-19, 2024. 9 day or 12 day tour options


This trip is open to students, faculty and community.

Partial student scholarships are available!

Each year, WKCTC sponsors faculty-led study abroad and service learning opportunities so that students can broaden their education through both academics and personal development through international experiences.


The study abroad program selects a country or set of countries to explore each year and has an optional credit bearing general education course that students may choose to take during the Spring semester in order to prepare and/or entice them about that particular country. All students, faculty and staff, and community members are invited to participate in the annual study abroad experience.

The KCTCS-approved tour company used for study abroad is EF Tours ( or WKCTC uses either EF College Study Tours or EF's Go Ahead Tours to select its educational tours. This company is well known for designing programs specifically for college students and community members that are highly educational in nature. The tours are active, fast-paced, and well-guided. It is not necessary to know another language in order to participant on these tours. Students will learn about the history, culture, and places from an English speaking guide, and students will also be actively engaged and immersed in activities representative of the culture.


Browse some of our frequently asked questions:


Any student, faculty/staff, or community member is invited to join the study abroad tour.

Only WKCTC students can apply for a WKCTC scholarship by filling out the scholarship form on the webpage or by receiving a copy from Pat Blaine. (270) 534-3207

The cost varies from year to year depending on the country and the length of time. The cost also varies depending on when a person enrolls on the tour. The price can increase as it gets closer to the departure date.

You should enroll as early as possible and whenever you are ready to commit to your financial obligation. Usually there is a back to school special cost that is lower. The cost of the tour can increase as time gets closer to departure due to airline and hotel costs.


While it is beneficial to join a tour early for the lowest cost, the absolute deadline is Feb. 1.

You can enroll by going to http://grouptoursite/patriciablaine or by calling 800-438-7672. The tour number for the Portugal tour on June 8-19, 2024 is #70046925.

Absolutely not! All tours have an English speaking guide.

The student price sets the rooming cost at 4 students to a room. Each student will have a separate bed, and students will be grouped with those from WKCTC. Only in odd circumstances will students be roomed with students from another college. Students/participants over age 30 will room in pairs.


Certainly! You can upgrade to a twin or single room at an increased cost.


The hotels are clean and serviceable. You can expect European hotels to be very small.


Cancellation comes at a cost since all fee payments are conducted through the tour company. The company will charge a cancellation fee unless you can prove that it was a circumstance covered by the trip insurance. The enrollment fee and the trip insurance are not refundable.


Yes. Each year the study abroad program sponsors a poinsettia sale. Students receive monetary credit for each plant that they sell. Students can also decide to do additional fundraising, or they can fund raise through


Yes. You will need to purchase any meals that are not provided, to provide tip money for the bus driver and tour guide, and to cover any costs if you select to do activities outside of those provided. Of course, you will also want to purchase souvenirs!

  • 2023 - Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland
  • 2022 - Belize
  • 2021 - Alaska
  • 2020 Japan cancelled - COVID
  • 2019 - Greece
  • 2018 - Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
  • 2017 - Cuba
  • 2016 - Ireland, Wales, and England
  • 2015 - Italy
  • 2014 - WWII: England, France, and Germany
  • 2013 - Spain
  • 2012 - Peru
  • 2011 - Costa Rica
  • 2010 - Mexico
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