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Therapy Groups

Psychoeducational Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Groups

Four Rivers Behavioral Health/WKCTC Student Health and Wellness Center is pleased to offer two, ongoing cognitive behavioral therapy groups.

One group is an Anxiety and Depression Group, and the second group is an Anger Management group. Each track of groups consists of 10 or 12 group sessions and an individual pre-group screening session. The groups will focus on the development of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills that have shown to be effective.

These cognitive behavioral therapy groups therapy are a cost-effective alternative to individual therapy. Individualized treatment in the context of a group setting can be a powerful therapeutic experience. The groups will provide participants with a safe and supportive environment that can be the foundation for durable change.

For further information and for available dates, please call our office @ (270) 534-3863 or fill out this form and we will reach out to you. Please indicate in "please explain" area of the form which group you're interested in.