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Holiday Closing

WKCTC will be closed Monday, January 20 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Campus will reopen and classes will resume on Tuesday, January 21.

Types of Counseling

Different types of counseling, however not limited to:

  • Personal Counseling stress, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, trauma, divorce, relationship, self-awareness, sexuality identify
  • Health Counseling alcohol and drug, abuse, eating disorder, battery-domestic violence, addictions, self-esteem/image, smoke cessation assistance, tobacco counseling
  • Educational Counseling time management, stress management, test anxiety, decision making
  • Emotional Counseling angry outburst, aggression, incoherent or irrational speech/behavior, class disruptions, suicide, threats, self-harm, cutting
  • Workplace Counseling workplace issues, downsizing, layoffs, communications, lack of teamwork, time/organization management, harassment

Please keep in mind the following legal and ethical limits to confidentiality:

  • Duty to warn and protect regarding threats to harm self or others
  • Court order from judge
  • Mandatory reporting for suspected child abuse/neglect
Mandatory reporting for suspected abuse, neglect, self-neglect and/or exploitation of vulnerable adults and the elderly