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Online / Hybrid Classes FAQ

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  • Minimum recommended is 25mg. A slower speed will result in very slow performance. All internet service providers have internet speed based on “best effort.”
  • Computers are available in the library located on the second floor of the Matheson Learning Resource Center and in the Grisham Computer Lab on the second floor of the Emerging Technology Center.
  • Wireless access is available in all buildings, and WKCTC is working to expand wireless access into surrounding areas such as our parking lots and picnic tables.
  • You can access email, announcements, and small assignments using your phone, but most activities and assignments will require a computer. Students also have difficulty with some materials when using a tablet or Chromebook.
  • To activate, click on MyPath in the top navigation of our website, then click on Student Self-Service.
  • Follow the instructions to create your user profile. You will need your nine digit student ID number – aka EMPLID – that was assigned to you at the time of your online application. Make sure to: Record your username and email address, and remember your password and keep it confidential.
  • To access your email, visit the Current Students webpage, click on MyPath, then click on Email.
  • The bookstore will be open 8a-6p for the week of January 4th-8th and 8a-4p for the rest of the semester. Students can come in through the front doors of the Anderson Technical Building to visit the bookstore. Masks are required and there are markers on the floor for social distancing.
  • Students who come in will need to bring a paper copy of their schedule. This can be printed on their Go KCTCS! Student Self-Service Center. Students can also visit Admissions to receive a copy of their schedule.  To find the proper books for their class, we will need their department code, class code, and section number from their schedule (i.e MAT 150 B501)
  • Those planning to use financial aid will also need to bring a photo ID and their Student ID number. Students need to ensure they have completed their Bookstore Aid Release through the Student Self-Service Center.
  • Students who plan to rent will need bring a credit card to secure the rental and know their KCTCS email. 
  • Students who have sections of classes that do not begin with B5 will need to order through the KCTCS Online Bookstore. You can access this store by visiting and selecting “KCTCS Online” as your store and campus. You will need your schedule to order online. 
  • Students can order their books from the WKCTC Bookstore online for shipping, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup! Students can visit and select “West Kentucky CTC” as their bookstore at campus. 
  • Student financial aid orders began processing on January 4th due to system and federal guidelines. The bookstore staff is tirelessly working to ensure your order gets completed in a timely fashion. Students who ordered online will receive an email when their order is complete and/or ready for pickup.
  • Financial Aid charges end January 22nd. Students who are still enrolled in a class can return a book until January 22nd. If a student drops a course, they can return the book until February 10th. They will need to bring proof they dropped the course.
  • Need some help studying? Have late night homework questions? Check out Bartleby Learn & Write!
    • Bartleby Learn is an online subscription service that offers students both Textbook Solutions (on applicable textbooks) as well as Q&A.
      • Textbook Solutions: Detailed instructions to help solve problems from your textbook. Deeper explanations are provided along with definitions, concepts and relevant images
      • Q&A: Allows student to submit a question for homework and study assistance and receive an expert solution, most answered within just a few hours. Also includes access to the entire Q&A library.
    • Bartleby Write is an online writing tool that helps with essay and paper writing by providing suggestions on structure, content and style. As students are writing, the system provides edit suggestions to grammar, spelling and punctuation. Bartleby write also checks the writing against plagiarism sites and helps with citations.
  • For questions:, 270-534-3330. 
  • You can also call for information at 270-534-3197 or email at
  • When in Blackboard, choose eLibrary under Student Resources and select West Kentucky Community and Technical College under KCTCS Library Websites. If you have books or videos to return, you can return to any of the library book drops located out front of MLRC next to Room 5, or the lobbies of the Allied Health Building or Anderson Technical Building. Additionally, visit the library’s friendly staff on the first floor of MLRC in Room F for library assistance.  
  • The Tutoring Center will offer in-person tutoring in Fall 2020. They will continue to follow Healthy at Work guidelines, which include masks for students and tutors and 6-foot social distancing. The Center will also continue to offer remote tutoring to students who prefer or need it. Read more about the tutoring center.
  • A hybrid course is one in which approximately 50% of course material is provided online. Online course material may include activities, assignments, and/or assessments. Online activities may include recorded lectures, reading materials, publisher materials, etc. The remaining 50% of coursework is delivered face-to-face (F2F).