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Technical Support

Complete the following tasks before you start class, and perform these tasks regularly. Many technical issues can be resolved by these tasks:

  • Disable the popup blocker
  • Enable JavaScript and Java
  • Enable cookies
  • Clear cache
  • Delete cookies

Are you using a recommended browser? Firefox is the recommended browser for optimal performance.

There may be issues in submitting assignments and tests if other browsers are used.
If the above actions do not resolve the issue you may contact the associated software Technical Support listed below.

Blackboard Technical Support online or toll-free at (855) 469-5282 (Option 4)
Pearson Technical Support online or toll-free at (888) 883-1299
McGraw-Hill Technical Support online or toll-free at (800) 331-5094
Cengage Technical Support (including SAM software)
Hawkes Learning Systems Technical Support or toll-free at (843) 571-2825
Evolve Technical Support (800) 222-9570

For further assistance please contact the Online Learning Department at or (270) 534-3448.