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New Students

The entire process of becoming a student at West Kentucky Community and Technical College can be completed online. Complete all of the steps below.

The Online Learning Department at West Kentucky Community and Technical College wants you to succeed. Steps 1 through 4 in this section will help you determine if you are prepared to take an online class.

1. Start by taking the Online Readiness Quiz . The questions seem simple, but they are accurate in determining if you will have difficulty taking an online class. 

2. Now  take the KCTCS Online Learning Student Orientation.  It will tell you what type of electronics and software you need.  It also tells you what you will need to be prepared to do.

Do you feel confident about your decision to take online classes?  If your answer is yes, move on to step 3.  If not contact the Online Department to discuss what you need to do to prepare to take classes Online. 

3. Not all electronic devices are the same.  WKCTC uses Blackboard for their online courses. Run The Compatible Browser and see if your browser is compatible and that your device has all of the right "plug-ins". Blackboard works the best with Firefox.

4. Does it still look like you are ready for online classes? Check out Blackboard below.

  • About Blackboard - Blackboard is the online classroom that West Kentucky Community and Technical College uses for its
    online classes.
  • Blackboard Videos: 

    You are now done with the Online Blackboard Orientation. I hope that you have found all of the  information helpful. Let the Online Learning Department know how you like the orientation with this survey. They really do want to make sure you succeed in your class.

    Minimum System Techinical Requirements

Apply now and complete the online application. Select West Kentucky Community and Technical College as your "Home College".   If you have any difficulty call (855) 469-5282 (855-GO-WKCTC) or visit our Online Student Service Center

You may be able to receive financial aid to take your classes. Contact the Financial Aid Department to see if you are eligible.

  • Request your ACT Scores or Assessment Test
    • ACT does not have an expiration date. Visit the ACT website for complete details.
  • Request final high school transcript/GED and official college transcripts

In order to access your schedule, email, financial aid information, advisor information and your online class you will need to activate your KCTCS Student Account and create your User Profile at the KCTCS User Account Center. The account information store in the KCTCS User Account Center will give you access to all your user services. After setting up your User Profile, you will be able to view your KCTCS ID, your username, and set your password.

Your student username and password gives you access to your student records, student e-mail and Blackboard. It is important that you keep this information secure. Do not share it with anyone.

Your username is usually your first initial, your last name, and four digits (e.g. jsmith0001). You are allowed to choose your password. You are required to use a complex password which is at least 8 characters long and contains at least three of the following:

  • A lower case letter
  • An upper case letter
  • A number
  • A symbol

Passwords containing your first name, last name, or username will be rejected. You should not use your birth date, anniversary or other information that may be easily obtained as part of your password.

You will be prompted to change your password every 120 days. If you do not change your password after 120 days, your account will be locked. You will need to reset your password using the KCTCS User Account Center to unlock your account.

The Schedule of Classes list all online courses available at WKCTC by semester. If you have not been assigned an adivsor you may email the Admissions and Advising Office

Pick your learning style:

  • Learn by TermIf you like a more traditional online learning environment with due dates and a schedule, Learn by Term is right for you! Learn by Term offers online classes that are a typical 16 week semester with some late-start classes. While these classes are mainly online, some exams and lab activities may require on-site visits at an approved location convenient for you! Visit the Online Credentials page to find out what degrees and certificates can be earn completely online.
  • Learn on DemandIf Learn by Term doesn't sound right for you, then Learn on Demand may be perfect! Learn on Demand offers ten course sections in the Fall and Spring semesters and five in the Summer with one beginning each Monday starting the second week of the semester. These courses are self-paced and allow you the opportunity to obtain credit for prior learning of the subject matter.

    For more information about Learn on Demand and the credentials you can earn you may contact Laura James or visit the KCTCS Learn on Demand Website.

As a new student you are required to complete the college orientation online. It will introduce you to West Kentucky Community and Technical College and the services available to you even as an online student. 

You may also take the interactive WKCTC Blackboard Orientation to jump start you Online Course Expierence.  Email WKCTC Online Learning to request access.

Online classes are billed at the same in-state tuition rate, no matter where our students reside.  There is a $20 per credit hour fee for all online classes.
You may pay your tuition through the Student Self Service. Visit the Paying Tuition and Fees page for more information. Keep in mind tuition due dates to avoid being dropped from your class.
You may purchase your books through KCTCS online bookstore.
Click on "MyPath" then Click on Blackboard.  Log in using your KCTCS username and password.  You can also access Blackboard by going to  If your course is unavailable, check the start date.  Your instructor will make the class available on the start date.  If the official start date has been reached, contact the instructor to find out when the class will be opened.  Students should be aware of the importance of logging into class once it begins.  Students who fail to log in and complete class requirements by a designated date may be submitted as no-shows and subject to removal from the class.