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Test Taking Tips

  • Prepare physically : Eat a well-balanced meal before taking the test. That way you will have energy to think clearly. Last minute cramming does not help as much as having a well-fed mind.
  • Prepare mentally : Get plenty of sleep the night before the test. One advantage you can give yourself is to be calm and well rested.
  • Arrive early : Be at the testing center 15 to 20 minutes before the starting time. Keep in mind that many testing centers refuse to admit latecomers.
  • Think positively : Tell yourself you will do well. If you have studied and prepared, you should succeed.
  • Practice test taking : Use practice tests to understand your test-taking strengths and weaknesses. Try using different strategies for studying, such as skimming questions.
  • Dress comfortable : Be prepared for a room that is too hot or too cold. Bring a jacket or sweater.
  • Wear a watch : Bring a watch in case the clock is not visible in the testing room. Do not bring a calculator watch, as the proctor might take it from you during testing.
  • Know your time limits : If you know how much time you will have on each section, you should be able to pace yourself.
  • Bring snack money : You may want to bring money for vending machines or snacks if you think you will get hungry. You may get a 15-minute break between each test and a 30-minute break for lunch.
  • Have a strategy : Read the questions carefully; reread it if you have trouble understanding what is asked.
  • Relax : Take half a minute or so several times during the test to stretch and breathe deeply, especially if you are feeling anxious.
  • Read Carefully : Be sure you understand the test instructions. If you have questions about filling in the form, ask before testing begins.
  • Mark you answers clearly: Duplicate or unclear answers are marked wrong by graders. Erase stray marks on your answer sheet.
  • Sk ip difficult questions : Answer the easier questions first. If you have time, go back and answer the rest. If you skip a question, be sure to skip the same number on your answer sheet.
  • Answer every question : When you finish answering the questions you know, go back and review the ones you didn't. If you are not sure, try eliminating some possibilities and choose from the remaining choices.
  • Lightly mark answer sheet : Mark lightly next to the questions you don't know. That way you will know which ones to come back to later. Make sure to erase these marks to avoid confusion when your test is graded.