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Starfish is a communication platform used by instructors to communicate with students on their progress. Tracking items may include Kudos, Flags, and Tutoring Referrals. Students will receive email notifications from Starfish when instructors raise tracking items. Starfish can be accessed on your WKCTC MyPath page. Success Coaches and Academic Support staff reach out to students to discuss academic and non-academic support options. We want to help!

Keep an eye out for Starlet on campus!
Starlet the Starfish

Keep up the great work! Know that your hard work is being recognized.

  • Not Yet Logged into Blackboard: The Student Success Center can help with technology issues. You may be dropped from an online course if this is not resolved.
  • Missing / Late Assignments: Review your instructor’s late work policies. Contact your instructor about missing and late assignments.
  • Academic Achievement Concern: Your instructor is concerned about your course progress. Contact your instructor for more information. Schedule a tutoring appointment with the Student Success Center.
  • Attendance Concern: Your attendance is affecting your overall ability to progress in the course. Reach out to your instructor and a success coach if you need non-academic support.
  • Low Test Score: Contact the Student Success Center and schedule a tutoring appointment.
  • In Danger of Failing: Contact your instructor to learn how you can improve. Schedule a tutoring appointment with the Student Success Center.
  • Recommend Drop: Contact your instructor and review their syllabus policies. Success Coaches are also available to help you navigate the withdraw process.

Academic support staff will reach out with information about in-person and online tutoring options. You may reach out first to schedule with our academic support staff by calling (270) 534-3179 or emailing