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Tutoring is here to provide you with peer-driven tutoring and mentoring. We want to positively impact your skills, your confidence, and your success in reaching your academic goals. We strive to accomplish this by providing trained and experienced tutors who will mentor you and support your classroom learning.

Our Tutoring Staff

Our tutoring staff receives at least 15 hours of tutor training in the Tutor training program, which has achieved the International Tutor Training Program Certification from the College Reading and Learning Association. Additionally, tutors are supervised by a knowledgeable tutor trainer.

Our Goals

Encourage and facilitate your academic success

  • Provide you with academic support from the first course through graduation.
  • Advance your active participation in learning.

Help you gain confidence in your ability as a college student

  • Provide you with study strategies and skills that can be used to tackle difficult course materials across academic disciplines.
  • Make the college experience less stressful and more enjoyable for you.

Connect you with the college through peer tutoring

  • Act as peer guides in the learning process.
  • Provide you with appropriate recommendations and referrals to other campus resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring is a free service to all current WKCTC students. We require a valid and active KCTCS student email.

When possible, an appointment ensures that you will have access to the tutor you want to work with. By no means do you have to have an appointment. Some subjects like Anatomy and Physiology and upper level math courses have very limited availability; for your convenience, we strongly recommend an appointment.

Our hours are posted on our main webpage. They do change slightly for the summer, and we are typically closed for school closings (Academic Holidays) and when class is not in session. Because our tutors are cross-trained in at least 2 courses and a multitude of study strategies, we don't have set hours for many subjects. If time is a major constraint, we highly recommend making an appointment or at least calling and checking this semester's availability for your course.

We cannot guarantee every student walk in availability at any time. We can usually accommodate these requests, but there are times when the tutoring center is very busy, and we may have to turn students away for service later in the day or week. We are always finding new ways to assist our students, so feel free to check with us anytime you need assistance!

At the beginning of a tutoring session we need to take care of some paperwork. This paperwork helps us to assess our program and make continual improvements, so please be patient. The most critical pieces of information we need from you are your KCTCS logon ID and a working telephone number. We also ask you to complete a learning styles inventory, this will help us individualize our demonstrations and explanations to your preferences. Once the session starts you may notice your tutor asking questions and getting you to think about what you know. Your tutor might also demonstrate the use of your textbook and notes. Don't be alarmed! This actually means the tutor is doing the job as trained. Tutors are academic reinforcement. They should neither replace your instructor nor replace time you need to spend working toward comprehension. We want to show you how to learn on your own, so one day you won't need us.

Tutoring has many benefits:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased academic efficacy
  • Increased competence in study strategies and course content
  • Increased connection to material and college
  • Increased success in course

Because we understand that learning takes time and repetition, we encourage our students to come in regularly. We also want to give the learning process time to work and time for our clients to complete individual learning objectives (like course work, projects, and study). For these reasons, we limit the number of tutoring sessions to 2 sessions per week per subject. We also have advanced appointment scheduling options available, so you may schedule for several weeks at a time!

Eating and tutoring don't mix well. Please consider what kinds of food you bring with you. Snack foods are allowable. Full meals are frowned upon. No food or drink will be allowed near computer tutoring stations.

Only current WKCTC students are eligible for tutoring. We do not tutor high school course work, and we do not tutor many of the courses offered through the University of Kentucky's Engineering Program.

We encourage group learning and can facilitate group tutoring sessions. We find that these tutoring sessions are often more and less beneficial to different types of learners; so we also give you the freedom to change types of sessions should you feel that you need more individualized attention.

We also tutor many study strategies, such as reading comprehension, note taking, and time management aids. Even if you feel like the problem isn't course related, we can still likely assist you in becoming a more effective and successful student!

We work very hard to make sure we include facilities which can accommodate our clients with physical disabilities. The Matheson Learning and Resource Center has an elevator to the second floor for easy access. The individualized tutoring service we offer is very effective for facilitating learning for many types of learning disabilities. We continually seek to develop professionally, and one area of focus is our clients who have learning disabilities.

Getting an assignment done is an accommendable goal, but we set our sights higher. What we want a student to be able to do is to complete the assignment alone, so that quizzes and tests are a breeze. Most of the time tutors won't work the same problem from your homework with you. This is to ensure that you get the practice and experience your professor intended for you. We are very good at finding similar problems or issues and demonstrating processes or strategies. Through these reinforcement activities, our clients become stronger, more self-reliant students who ace the test!

You might be referred to a program known as Academic Advocacy. You might enroll yourself in this program as well. The program seeks to identify students who may not possess the necessary skills, motivation, or opportunity to succeed in a course in which they are currently enrolled. Through the direct of intervention of the Academic Support Coordinator, the referred students will be assisted with a highly customized program of study strategies and interventions specifically geared toward offering the student every resource available for success.

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Dr. Tyra Frick
Matheson Learning Resource Center, E2
Email: tyra.frick@kctcs.edu
Phone: 270-534-3396