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Academic Support

Academic Support services provide students with varied academic development experiences outside the classroom to promote student success through a range of approaches from one-on-one and small group study sessions (free tutoring) to embedded supports in courses and programs including Supplemental Instruction following the University of Missouri at Kansas City model.

Our objective is to empower students with study skills and strategies that lead to their success. In offering this service to students with peers, we also seek to grow leadership skills in our staff who balance being students themselves with providing support.

Need help with a class or any academic challenge?

Call the Student Success Center at (270) 534-3179 or email the SSC at

  • ART 100
  • ACC 201, ACC 202
  • BAS 160, BAS 283
  • BIO 137, BIO 139
  • CHE 140, CHE 170, CHE 180
  • CIT 105, DLC 101
  • ENG 101, ENG 102
  • FYE 105
  • HIS 108, HIS 109
  • MAT 61, MAT 71, MAT 100, MAT 141
  • MAT 150, MAT 155, MAT 171
  • POL 101, POL 235
  • PSY 110, PSY 223
  • SOC 101
  • SPA 101, SPA 102
  • STA 151, STA 210, STA 220
  • Develop Study Plans
  • Ask About Other Supported Courses
Tutoring is available to students for FREE through the Student Success Center. Tutors have completed supported courses with a grade of A/B and attend annual training. Tutors employ practices based on andragogy to support the student’s learning process. The goal is to empower the student to complete their own work utilizing concepts and processes presented in the classroom. Whether a student is having difficulty in a course or would benefit from another supportive perspective, tutoring services are here to help.
Embedded tutors have previously completed the course with a grade of A/B and have received a professor’s recommendation. They work in the classroom to help students understand concepts and enhance student engagement. Outside of the classroom, they engage with students during tutoring hours specifically designed for the supported class.

In the spring of 2022, the WKCTC Student Success Center piloted Supplemental Instruction (SI) following the University of Missouri at Kansas City model to our academic support approaches. Our purpose is to offer another opportunity to help our students learn, particularly with more difficult subjects.

The SI model targets difficult courses. By offering SI connected to these classes, students have access to other students who have successfully completed the course and learn how to learn the course content from a student perspective. SI leaders, the students hired to lead Supplemental Instruction, get additional exposure to the course content and an opportunity to grow leadership skills. Students helping each other is a win for everyone — both the students studying in difficult classes and the students who are SI leaders.

For more information on the Supplemental Instruction (SI) model, check out the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.

Brainfuse is a FREE third-party online tutoring option for WKCTC to use outside of the Student Success Center's normal business hours.

  1. Go to Blackboard (easy to find through MyPath)
  2. Click on any course that you are taking this semester
  3. On the left, under Details & Actions select View course & institution tools (under subsection Books & Tools
  4. On the right, select Brainfuse - West Kentucky
  5. Under Live Help, choose topic (drop down) and then choose subject (drop down)
  6. (Optional) Under preferences, select tutorial en espanol and/or tutoring with au­dio
  7. Check Tutor Availability. Select connect if available.


Adrian Mason

Adrian Mason, Academic Support Coordinator
Matheson Learning Resource Center, E1
Phone: (270) 534-3343

Adrian graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Economics and Animal Sciences. Adrian completed a Master of Arts in Human Development and Leadership at Murray State University. Prior to becoming Academic Support Coordinator, Adrian served as a Success Coach at the Student Success Center. He has also worked on-campus for Trio Student Support Services as an Education Specialist. He enjoys helping students overcome academic barriers to unlock their full potential. Outside of work, Adrian enjoys watching UK sporting events, reading, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

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