Ready to Work/Work and Learn

Ready to Work

Ready to Work assists WKCTC students who are receivng KTAP benefits. This program helps students transition into college life and provides support to students as they pursue a certificate, diploma, or degree.

The Ready To Work and Work Program serves low income student/parents in the Purchase Area. We can help with:

  • Paid work experience on and off campus
  • Counseling, advising, and mentoring
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Job references and referrals
  • Job readiness, life skills
  • Academic success seminars

Ready To Work -- Work-Study

Ready To Work offers work opportunities both on and off campus through a work-study program. Participants gain work experience while earning extra income that will not reduce their K-TAP benefits. The placement of work-study students in their fields of study with both private and non-profit employers helps prepare them for the workplace and often leads to full-time employment.

  • Participants gain work experience and job retention skills.
  • Participants earn extra income that will not reduce their K-TAP benefits.
  • Employers have an opportunity to recruit WKCTC students and graduates

How can Ready To Work Program help you?

In addition to work-study, the Ready to Work Coordinator can work with your K-TAP case manager to help you access resources for transportation, car repairs, child care, uniforms and work clothing, school supplies, license fees, criminal background checks and drug tests, drivers education, and a $250 educational bonus for high school/GED or college graduation.

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Kiki West-Johnson, Coordinator
Ready to Work Program
Anderson Technical Building 130

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