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Advising & Assessment

The Advising Center at WKCTC provides accessible comprehensive academic advising and assessment services within an environment of excellence and commitment to student services.

What do we do? Professional Academic Advisors are here to assist students in establishing educational goals and objectives. Advisors work closely with students to develop an academic plan consistent with the student's goals.

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Spring  Semester: October 1st with a December 1st Priority Registration Deadline
Summer Semester: March 1st
Fall Semester: March 1st with a July 15th Priority Registration Deadline

How to Schedule Classes

Summer - Fall 2024 Enrollment Begins March 1st!

  • March - May 2024 Appointments Available
  • June - August 2024 - Walk Ins Only

Please contact your assigned advisor.

  • Most new students, readmit students, and new transfer students will meet with an advisor in the Advising Center to create their first schedule.
  • Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor during their first semester at WKCTC. Your advisor will assist you with schedules, enrollment, and questions about your major.
  • Log into Student Self-Service. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome.
  • Click the Student Center tile. Scroll down on the right, your advisor’s information is listed under Advisor>Program Advisor – click on “details” for more information including email address.
    Image indicating where a student's advisor appears on the Program Advisor screen.


Do you need placement Testing?

  1. Go to WKCTC Ed Ready
  2. Click on "GET STARTED" and sign up.
  3. Enter in testing keys: wkctc.english AND wkctc.math. After adding the goals click on "Submit".
    EdReady entering a key and clicking submit.
  4. Click on "Go to GOAL"
    Go to goal is located under a KCTCS logo.
    and "Start diagnostic"
    Start diagnostic
  5. Once completed, you will get your diagnostic score. Please contact the Advising Center by phone (270) 534-3349 or email to let them know you are finished so we can upload your scores into the system.

If you would like to raise your initial placement, ED Ready's Study Path allows students to raise their initial score by focusing on the area(s) needing improvement. Each section will have a study tool, followed by a quiz.

The study path allows students to raise their initial score by focusing on the area(s) needing improvement. Each section will have a study tool, followed by a quiz.

  1. Log back into ED Ready using the email and password you originally created. Please only use the link provided.
  2. Select "Go to Goal" to get started on your individualized Study Path.
  3. Choose which unit to study first and then select "Learn" to get started.

Students may log in anytime to continue the study path at their own pace. When finished, please email the advising center at or call (270) 534-3349.

  • Be well rested before you test.
  • Eat something before you test.
  • If you have children, please arrange for a sitter.
  • Try to relax and take a deep breath.
  • Read the instructions carefully. This is very important.
  • Take the test seriously and do your best.

How to View Curriculum - Academic Plans

  • Visit the Program Finder to view WKCTC’s program options. Each tile contains employment information, as well as information on credentials available. Program pages are lengthy, please make sure to scroll down to see all the information provided.
  • If you plan on transferring,  Visit KCTC’s Transfer Programs to view already developed transfer plans for the KCTCS system. 

Once enrolled, students have access to their program's academic plans through their MyPath under "Local Links".

Image showing location of links to Academic Plans and Transfer Plans on MyPath.

Visit our Career Services page.

View Course Availability / Scheduling Options

To search WKCTC course availability, students can use Class Search. This search tool has a filter option to narrow down what course works best for you. *Please note that this information updates overnight, therefore numbers enrolled may not be accurate.

Visual Schedule Builder is a tool that allows you to search available courses including what days/times sections are offered and how different courses fit together to develop a schedule. Watch this video tutorial to find out how:

(Select WKCTC as your College when searching for classes). *This tutorial is for the KCTCS system. Currently, students are required to meet with an Advisors prior to enrolling, students need permission for self-enrollment.

PLEASE NOTE: some courses have requirements before students are eligible to enroll. These requirements can be assessment scores and/or completed coursework. Pre-reqs and Co-reqs are listed in Course Descriptions ( subjects are listed on the left-hand side). Course Description link takes you to the KCTCS Catalog with course descriptions for the entire KCTCS college system. WCKTC does not offer every course/ program listed in the KCTCS Catalog.

Class Search and Enroll is a mobile friendly search that allows students to search for classes and use filters to fit their needs. Students can add classes to their shopping cart and enroll in classes if given self-service enrollment permission.

After enrolling in courses, confirm your courses are financial aid eligible/required for your program: The Academic Requirements Report.


How to Contact Us

Location: Anderson Technical Building, Room 106

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Hours are subject to change)
15 min Academic Advising Consultations are available each day 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Phone: (270) 534-3349

*If you reach out by phone or email, please allow up to 24 business hours to receive a reply. If you have not heard back within this time, please follow up with us. Also, please make sure to always leave a detailed message with your name and a number to reach you!

Review the Academic Calendar, the Academic Advising Center observes college holidays and closures.

Advising Team

Chase DurranceChase Durrance
Interim Director of Advising and Assessment
(270) 534-3187 •


Deanna ShelleyDeanna Shelley
Academic Advisor/ Transfer Coordinator/ Veterans Support
(270) 534-3409 •


Amanda ScheideggerAmanda Scheidegger
Academic Advisor/ Veterans Services Coordinator/ Transfer Support
(270) 534-3110 •


Mollie BremerMollie Bremer
Academic Advisor/ WIOA- TAA Support / Career Services
(270) 534-3472 •


Juanita KillebrewJuanita Killebrew
Academic Advisor/ WIOA- TAA Support / Career Services
(270) 534-4216 •


Shayna BrazzellShayna Brazzell
Advising Specialist
(270) 534-4216 •