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Print Management Policy

Enrolled students are given a printing account of 400 free black/white type print pages at the beginning of each semester. Students may print in color at the Grisham Lab in the Emerging Technology Center at a charge of 20 cents per page. Each color page is deducted from the students account at the rate of four black and white pages.

Any balance left in the account at the end of each semester will not be reimbursed.

Students who go over their printing allowance may purchase vouchers for additional pages from the Business Office at the Anderson building. Additional pages may be purchased in the following increments:

Voucher increments of:
$1.00 (20 pages)
$5.00 (100 pages)

Students must enter their KCTCS student login information to release a print job.

When the account drops below $2.50 a message displays notifying the student that additional pages should be purchased. Students may not transfer any portion of their print account to another students print account.

Community users are allowed to print 10 pages per day.