Accelerate You!

West Kentucky Community & Technical College offers a unique opportunity for students with low placement test scores. 
Accelerate You! provides an "on-ramp" directly into college-level courses without slowing students down in non-credit courses.

If you have low placement test scores, especially in math, and you:
  • are a first time, full-time student, or
  • are a student coming to college after being out of school for an extended period of time, and
  • are interested in Applied Technology or Health Science Technology program

then the Accelerate You! program may be exactly what you need to complete your credential.

Accelerate You!

  • Save time and money
    • Skip non-credit courses
    • Enroll directly in classes needed for your degree
  • Provides a customized schedule including
    • A clear pathway to your desired credential
    • A learning community of fellow classmates taking the same schedule as you
    • A dedicated Success Coach that
      • is in class with you
      • provides extra help weekly with your most difficult classes
      • assists with time management, organization, and study skills

Sample First Semester Schedule will include:

FYE 1051 (Orientation to College) 1 Credit Hour
MAT 116 (Technical Mathematics) 3 Credit Hours
Technical Courses
AOCCR (Accelerate You! Support) - required for all Accelerate You! students

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Sample First Semester Schedule will include:

NAA 100 (Nursing Assistant Skills I) 3 Credit Hours
FYE 105 (Achieving Academic Success) 3 Credit Hours
MAT 110 (Applied Mathematics) 3 Credit Hours
MAT 150 (College Algebra) 3 Credit Hours + MAT 100 (College Algebra Workshop) 2 Credit Hours
AOCCR (Accelerate You! Support) - required for all Accelerate You! students

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Or if you are interested in a Selective Admissions Program:

How do I know if the Accelerate You! program is right for me?

If you answer “yes” to the questions below, Accelerate You! is a good opportunity for you to explore.

  • Are you a new student, a student returning to college after being out of school for an extended period of time, or a current GED-seeking student with only one section left to complete?
  • Are you going to be a full-time student?
  • Do you have low placement test scores? Students scoring less than 20 in Reading, 18 in English, or 19 in Math on their ACT are required to take placement testing.
  • Are you interested in one of our Applied Technology programs or the Health Science Technology program?

What is the cost of the program?

There is no additional cost for the Accelerate You! program.

Are the classes taught at a faster pace?

No. The name of the program, Accelerate You!, does not mean that classes are taught at a faster pace. The program helps “Accelerate You!” by allowing you to skip non-credit classes traditionally required if you have low placement test scores.

Can I still work and be in the Accelerate You! program?

Yes, although your availability to work will be limited and you need to dedicate enough time each week for homework and study time. The Accelerate You! program is a four or five day per week schedule depending on your program.  There is flexibility to have a part-time job evenings or weekends.

College-level courses have prerequisites that must be met by students before taking the course.  For instance, students must have an ACT 20 in Reading before taking PSY 110, ACT 18 in English before taking ENG 101, and ACT 19 in Math before taking MAT 110, MAT 116, or MAT 150 with MAT 100.  

Students in the Accelerate You! program will be required to attend supplemental instruction time, designated on their schedules as “AOCCR.”  This is either one or two hours per week depending on your program.  This replaces non-credit courses and can save you lots of credit hours and money!

Students that have low placement test scores and do not enroll in the Accelerate You! program will be required to take the non-credit courses indicated by test scores.

Jeff ByramJeff Byram, a former staff sergeant in the United States military, became unemployed when Verso closed in the winter of 2016. Like many other displaced workers, he turned to WKCTC to earn a degree and begin his next career. While serving in the military, Byram served as a US Army combat medic and surgical technician in Special Operations Neurological surgery.  His past experiences led him to choose registered nursing (RN) as his major.

Byram knew being out of school for more than 20 years would cause challenges, so he used the idea of returning to school and taking classes alongside his son as motivation. After learning about the Accelerate You! (AY!) program, a contextualized program enabling students who do not meet the prerequisites to enroll directly into college-level courses and providing a success coach for additional support, Byram knew this program would help him accomplish his goals.

“I mapped out the classes that I was going to have to take, and when I found out that I was going to be able to reduce the amount of time it would take me to complete a degree, and I was going to be able to have extra resources to help during my first year, I agreed to be a part of the program.”

Byram enrolled in the Health Science Technology AY! program in fall 2016. He excelled in both traditional classes and in the technical courses. After applying to the RN program through the selective admissions process, he received his acceptance letter in summer 2017 and began his coursework in the RN program in fall 2017.

When asked what advice he would give students who are enrolling into the program, he gladly stated that if students “use all of the resources given to them, attend classes, and utilize the program as it was designed, they will be very successful.”

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Accelerate You!
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Accelerate You!

ATB 111A
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Success Coach Accelerate You!
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