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Supervisory Certificate Program

Supervisory Certification

Successful completion of all five courses with associated class requirements will result in a Supervisor Certificate and 3.5 hours of college credit.

Course 1: Communicating Effectively (8 hours)

Communication, is key to success in all supervisory roles. Through self-assessments, learn your communication style and how to "read" the communication style of those you supervise and your boss. Identify ways to say things so that others listen and understand. Determine the level of your own listening skills and what techniques to use to improve listening.

Course 2: Being the Supervisor (12 hours)

Everyone has their own thoughts about what a supervisor is and does. Identify the responsibilities and expectations of a supervisor in your job setting. Identify your natural supervisory tendencies using self-assessment and role review environmental scanning. Learn what naturally motivates you and others and how to utilize information to improve performance. Time management and stress management are critical to being a successful supervisor; learn basic techniques to improve these skills.

Course 3: Hiring, Developing, Coaching, Counseling and Retaining People(12 hours)

Having the right people engaged in and "owning" their work is key to a supervisor's success. Lean proper interviewing and selection techniques. Understand how to help employees learn their jobs and create development plans. Learn techniques to be used in effectively coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees. Develop skills in recognizing and creating a powerful work team.

Course 4: Managing Work (12 hours)

All work is a process; understanding the processes being used and being able to help those you supervise understand them is key. Learn the problem solving techniques that you will need to survive and the process improvement methods that will make you thrive.

Course 5: Leading the Way (8 hours)

Technical skills in supervision are important, but leadership is required for taking performance to a new level. The only thing constant is change, so it is critical to learn to lead people through a diverse and changing environment while maintaining the quality and quantity of on-going work required. Learn to be the leader who positions your organization to excel.

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