Team LAUNCH helps young adults, 18-24, who are out of school, figure out what they want to do. We can offer access to short term certification and/or work experience, on the job training, or apprenticeships.

The youth that Team LAUNCH helps have barriers to employment. The barriers can be any or a combination of the following: transportation, lack of education, low income, subject to the justice system, foster care, parenting, disabilities, etc. Team LAUNCH assists the youth to overcome these barriers so they can become a great employee for you!


Team LAUNCH connects participants with area education partners to provide short term certification training in one of the five high demand employment sectors identified by Kentucky (Business and IT, Construction, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and Transportation and Logistics).

Work Experience

Work experience helps participants learn what it is like to work in a field they have never worked in before. They West KY Workforce board is the employer of record and pays the participant's wages and workman's compensation. The employer partners with Team LAUNCH to provide up to 500 hours of work experience for the participant and mentors the participant through their employment. Team LAUNCH will partner with the employer to address employability skills issues as they arise in the work experience. They employer can choose whether or not to hire the participant after the work experience is over.

On the Job Training

On the job training is for participants who have worked, but need to learn how to do a particular job. The Workforce Investment Board will reimburse 1/2 of the participant's wages for hours worked (up to $5000). The employer may choose to hire the participant once the training is complete.

Team LAUNCH's academic partners include, but are not limited to, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Workforce Solutions, Skills U, Afrea Technical Centers and Community Technical Centers.

Team LAUNCH strives to help our young adults find and keep rewarding careers through education and training. We provide the extra support participants need in order to fulfill their goals of meaningful careers.

Anica Smith, Program Facilitator

Jeremi Bumpus, Success Coach

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