Expenses Fact Sheet | WKCTC

Expenses Fact Sheet

This is a listing of estimated fees and expenses for international students attending West Kentucky Community Technical College (WKCTC). This information is to be used as a guideline; costs of living, books, etc. may vary per student depending on the lifestyle of the student.

Tuition - Annual Tuition and Fees (Fees based on 12 credit hours per semester Fall & Spring)

Amount International Students are given tuition assessment ($194 per credit hour) $4,656, Books $1,200 (The cost of books is dependent upon the individual degree program requirements).

Annual Estimated Living Expenses

  • Living Expenses: Off-Campus Housing (Living expense is an estimation based upon student living in a one bedroom apartment. $9,600
  • Mandatory Health Insurance $900
  • Personal expenses (food, transportation, clothes, recreation, etc) --**$7,000

    ** Living expenses may vary with individual student needs and tastes.

Total Fee, Tuition, and Estimated Living Expenses --$23,356

International Student Partial Tuition Waiver - Guidelines for Eligibility

  • International students must be full-time, undergraduate degree seeking at WKCTC.  Exchange and visiting students are ineligible.
  • A maximum of (40) eligible full-time international students will be admitted during one period of time.  Students will be billed at the resident tuition rate.  All international students enrolled that exceed (40) during one period of time will be required to pay out-of-state tuition.
  • Student(s) must have a F-1 student visa in valid status with the Department of Homeland Security.
  • To qualify for in-state tuition, students must
    • Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester enrolled at WKCTC
    • Remain in good academic standing
    • The Student Development and Business office work collaboratively to track student eligibility status and complete billing
    • Complete partial tuition waiver application/tracking form
  • Students who remain in good academic standing will receive the in-state tuition rate while continuously enrolled.

Dependents - If students intend to bring their families with them to the United States, they must submit proof of an additional $4,000 for a spouse, and $2,000 for each child. Spouses and children must each complete an I-20 Form in order to obtain an F-2 visa to accompany F-1 students. - WKCTC does not provide any support for dependents. It is solely the students responsibility to find accommodations for dependents.

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice.