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General Information

What To Do First?

Upon arrival, new and transfer students must contact the Office of Student Services to register. Registration ensures that the F-1, I-20 remains valid. The Office of Student Services will assist with contacting the correct office for:

  1. Admission
  2. Advising
  3. Tuition Payment
  4. Book Purchase

Contact the Student Exchange and Visitors (SEVIS) Designated School Officer (DSO) for an appointment at (270) 534-3069.

F-1 Student General Information

F-1 students must maintain full student status and be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of classes every semester. If a reduced course load (RCL) is needed, the DSO will make the determination. There are only three categories that will be considered in determining approval of an RCL:

  1. Medical Excuse
  2. For valid academic difficulties (allowed only in one semester during an entire degree program).
  3. Final Semester of Degree Program -- for the duration of the degree program, students must keep the original of the most current I-20, passport and visa documents on hand at all times.