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Exposure Series

performance at the clemens fine arts center

This series enables both the audience and artist the opportunity to explore ideas about our world with an interdisciplinary and more mission-based approach while examining the creative process in the real world. The series features artists working in media that discuss current social and cultural topics. The main purpose of the series is to introduce the community to a different way of experiencing the arts by challenging current ideas about what art is and to encourage critical thinking about perceptions of the world and our community with the hopes of generating a greater understanding and acceptance of difference and ideas.

JoyCut is a creative music outpost formed in Bologna, Italy, a UNESCO Creative City. The group’s unique and distinctive sound is in the electronic / darkwave genre. JoyCut, a musical collective born from the intersection of innovation and emotion, weaves sonic tapestries that defy genre boundaries. With a fearless approach to composition, they sculpt atmospheric soundscapes that blend electronic pulses, rock undertones, and ethereal vocals. Emerging as sonic architects, JoyCut crafts auditory journeys that lead listeners through immersive landscapes of introspection and elation. Their music is an invitation to explore the boundless frontiers of sound, pushing the envelope of what music can be. 


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32 Sounds with Sam GreenSam Green, a maestro of auditory artistry, orchestrates a symphony of 32 sounds, each note a brushstroke painting the canvas of human experience. With a keen ear for harmony, Green curates aural landscapes that traverse emotions and environments, blending crescendos of laughter, murmurs of wind, and whispers of heartbeats into a tapestry of sound. His work not only delights the ears but also resonates deep within, reminding us of the hidden melodies that surround us daily.

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Murray State University Commercial BandThe Murray State University Commercial Music Ensemble is the Department of Music’s newest ensemble. The CME is a cross-genre ensemble that gives high-level performing students an outlet to gain performance experience in more contemporary settings, and to perform music from the various genres of popular commercial music. Furthermore, the CME supports the Music Business program by providing Music Business students opportunities to manage, market, and promote such an ensemble, as well as opportunities to work with sound and recording equipment used in modern-day concert settings.  The Commercial Music Ensemble is directed by Professor Brent Webster, Director of Guitar Studies.

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