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Exposure Series

performance at the clemens fine arts center

This series enables both the audience and artist the opportunity to explore ideas about our world with an interdisciplinary and more mission-based approach while examining the creative process in the real world. The series features artists working in media that discuss current social and cultural topics. The main purpose of the series is to introduce the community to a different way of experiencing the arts by challenging current ideas about what art is and to encourage critical thinking about perceptions of the world and our community with the hopes of generating a greater understanding and acceptance of difference and ideas.

LaVon Williams Artwork
Clemens Fine Arts Gallery

October 11 through November 30

From professional basketball to acclaimed carver, LaVon Van Williams, Jr.’s artistic path was wrought with an incessant urge driving him back to his first love, carving. Williams’ bas-relief carvings are a culmination of familial influence stretching back generations with roots in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Growing up in an artistic household filled with writers, carvers, and illustrators set to the roaring sounds of his father’s extensive jazz record collection supplied an energy that thrust Williams on his creative path.

Murray Art Guild Logo
Clemens Fine Arts Gallery

February 1 through March 18

The mission of the Murray Art Guild (MAG) is simple: Motivating artistic growth through community arts development. It is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting arts enrichment. This members exhibit represents a broad and diverse range of work in a variety of mediums and the Clemens Fine Arts Gallery is honored to host their work and support their mission.

Country Queers
Clemens Fine Arts Gallery

March 31 through April 29

Country Queers is a multimedia oral history project documenting the diverse experiences of rural, small town, and country LGBTQIA2S+ folks – across intersecting layers of identity such as race, class, age, gender, and religion. The exhibit draws on the collection of over 70 interviews recorded since 2013 and includes 20 framed photographs, printed text excerpts from interviews, and a listening station with selected audio excerpts. Learn more about the project and listen to our podcast at