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Inside Out Music Project

Local communities, Kentucky and the country continue to pull together and support one another in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Clemens Fine Arts Center is introducing “Inside Out” – an online music project to support local and regional singer/songwriters and to brighten lives at the same time.

During this difficult time, the performing arts industry has been hit hard. We at the CFAC believe in both the relationships we have developed with local and regional artists over the years and in the power of imagination, collaboration and creativity. Through ‘Inside Out,” we have the privilege to work with and support many musicians who have brought insight and joy into our collective lives at our venue in the past. We know we can help the community recover and cope in a world of being alone together.

Participating musicians sent two-three self-produced songs for the project. The 10-15 minute pieces includes work that is stripped-down, home-spun and intimate. Each piece is a sincere, heart-felt and creative presentation that reveal more about the artists as creators, dreamers and storytellers.

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Participating artists are:

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