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Pre-Employment Testing

The Wonderlic Personnel Test measures cognitive ability, the most accurate predictor of employment success.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT), is a short-form measure of cognitive ability designed for simple administration and interpretation. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a crucial component of any successful hiring program.

Research has proven that cognitive ability, or general intelligence, is the single greatest predictor of job success for any position. More effective that resumes, education, references or interviews, cognitive ability testing gives you the objective information you need to make the right hiring decision. The Wonderlic Personnel Test only takes 12 minutes to complete. It can be administered online. The Wonderlic Personnel Test accurately measures a candidate’s ability to:

  • Learn a specific job
  • Solve problems
  • Understand instructions
  • Apply knowledge to new situations
  • Benefit from specific job training
  • Be satisfied with a particular job

Test Specs
Administration Method: Online
Number of Questions: 50
Time Limit: 12 minutes
Proctored or Unproctored: Proctored
Requires internet access

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