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Sample Classes Offered

The following is a sampling of some of the classes we offer. If you have a need, please call and we will customize a training to meet your needs:

ACHIEVE GLOBAL FRONTLINE LEADERSHIP This program addresses the multi-faceted role of supervisors and middle managers in today's "do more with less" work environment. It equips them with basic supervisory coaching skills and the fundamentals of leadership behavior. Working skill units include: The Basic Principles of Leadership, Getting Ideas Across, Giving Constructive Feedback, Dealing with Emotional Behavior, and Recognizing Positive Results.

BUILDING HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS Teams provide positive and practical methods for team building and managing an organization. This course teaches participants to build trust, confidence, and develop group work skills. Focusing on the how-to keys of team building, course topics include how to: delegate authority and responsibility, motivate, maximize team productivity, overcome organizational barriers, reinforce high performance, facilitate decision-making and management interpersonal conflicts among team members.

EEOC UPDATE This presentation will cover recent US Supreme Court decisions dealing with sexual harassment, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other employment laws. Participants will be well informed about the potential impact of those Supreme Court decisions on their organization. In addition, they will know what to do to avoid problems.

GOAL SETTING Participants will learn to brainstorm with a system that reduces time, increases participation, and insures that everyone contributes. They will generate a list of goals which can be valued and prioritized as well as develop a plan to implement goals, including monitoring and measurement.

GOAL SETTING AND DECISION-MAKING This course is based upon the prioritizing of company driven policy and procedure. Participants establish needs in accordance with their workstation and apply supportive theory and techniques to make decisions, thus enhance their organizational skills.

HANDLING CONFLICT AND CHANGE Recognizing categories of conflict in change situations and distinguishing beneficial processes are the core of this class as the participant learns to deal with conflict and change. By determining processes to assist personal recognition of self-deception related to internal and external environments. Participants experience consideration of useful and effective processes to move an organization toward change with minimal conflict.

MANAGEMENT SKILLS Based upon proven personality descriptors, each participant defines their own management style and discovers how it can relate to the personality, culture, and ethnic backgrounds of the employees that they supervise. Specific situation role modeling is utilized to insure retention of information.

MOTIVATION This course acquaints participants with the proven Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs. This session defines the need for motivation in the workplace and assists managers in recognizing basic motivational needs of individuals. Techniques are presented to help increase harmonious production levels.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS "Be a coach, not a judge." Companies will learn to recognize the characteristics of good feedback and how to give it. Participants will develop SMART goals and will identify common pitfalls and ways to avoid them. This will enable you to evaluate your company's current evaluation system and ways you may use it better.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Your employees and managers will learn the skills critical for the workforce. This course uses the proven techniques of PERT charting, monitoring, and enhanced communication systems. Project Management teaches story boarding, the knowledge of leadership styles, and human relations to benefit all participants.

STRESS MANAGEMENT The four major areas of stress are introduced to participants and each is lead to identify his/her personal vulnerability as well as design a personal relief plan.

SUPERVISORY SKILLS This course builds a base for the supervisor to meet his/her responsibilities of meeting the goals and mission of the company. The role of the supervisor pertaining to tasks and personal management is presented using current techniques and philosophies

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT The following sessions and more advanced TQM sessions are available for your company's needs.

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT FOR BEGINNERS This is the first step toward total quality production or services. An excellent introduction for your key people, this seminar provides a solid foundation for you and your team to learn the basics to TQM, which include definitions, philosophies, strengths, goals, and components.

PROBLEM SOLVING TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES This training covers a system that works with new and established teams, helping them become energized and focused on a clear vision of goals and objectives. Training will give the secret for increased employee involvement through creativity and ingenuity.

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER This course assists the participants in their ability to train in all required areas. This session concentrates on training presentation, the development of objectives, content, and adult learning styles. Participants develop their understanding of audio, visual, and kinesthetic methods.

SUPERVISORY CERTIFICATION - Successful completion of all five courses with associated class requirements will result in a Supervisor Certificate and 3.5 hours of college credit.

GETTING THE RIGHT EMPLOYEES THROUGH TARGETED SELECTION - In today's market, getting the right employees with skills matched to the jobs can be a challenge. Using traditional hiring practices, people often hire based on their own reaction to the individual and may not truly explore either key attributes of the job or the person who will be most successful in that job. This course teaches a Targeted Selection process. Participants learn how to analyze the job prior to starting the hiring process. Behaviorally based interview questions and target answers are developed. Attributes of those most successful at the job are explored and understood. Participants are provided information on the importance of diversity within an organization and how diversity in selection strengthens the organization. Participants are provided with the opportunity to practice developing the skills presented.

HARNESSING THE POWER - Participants in the Harnessing the Power course will learn about the importance of individual behavioral styles and how behavioral styles impact the success of our communication. Each participant will complete a short survey (pre-work which must be completed on-line at least one week prior to the class). Based on the information in the survey, participants will be provided with a personal behavioral style analysis. They will have the opportunity to explore how their behavioral style is impacting the success of their communication and how they may be able to adapt to improve results.

LEARNING WHAT OTHERS THINK - SURVEYS AND OTHER TECHNIQUES - Organizations often want to gather data on how someone (employee, customer, community) views some part of their business. This course provides information on a variety of tools that may be used to gather this data. Special focus is placed on creating surveys and utilizing the appropriate techniques to make the survey a good measurement instrument. Participants are also provided with information on the importance of utilizing multiple data gathering techniques and what tools may be used.

MOTIVATING STAFF BY BUILDING POSITIVE STAFF RELATIONSHIPS - Participants will learn the importance of building trust as the basis for work relationships. Motivation of employees is presented and participants are provided with the opportunity to practice motivational techniques in simulations. Coaching and counseling skills are explained. Opportunities for positive applications of coaching and counseling skills are presented. The need for and role of the disciplinary process and methods for dealing with disciplinary problems are presented. Participants are given the opportunity to practice disciplinary interactions. The final section of the class focuses on the importance of motivating yourself and the role this plays in successfully motivating others.

YOU AS THE LEADER - Many supervisors and managers are thrust into a leadership role with little or no preparation for the task. Much of what happens and what is expected of them may come as a surprise; even the person who has been in a leadership role for years may not have actively sought to understand their role in the organization. This course allows the participants to begin to understand what type of leader they are. Their responsibility for their own development is presented and each participant begins work on their personal development plan.

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FOR GREATER PRODUCTIVITY - The seven basic quality tools provide a simple yet powerful opportunity for continuous improvements and increased productivity in any organization. The process includes process flow analysis; check sheets, Pareto charts, histograms, scattergrams, variable control charts, and cause/effect diagrams. The basic tools provide a robust approach, which permits viewing the opportunities from different perspectives.

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