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Industrial Manufacturing Training

These are only a few of the many topics on which training is available. If you have a need, please call and we will customize a training to meet your needs. Financial assistance may be available to qualified Kentucky companies for customized training.

5S TECHNIQUES - This workshop defines and explains Lean Manufacturing, Visual Factory Management and 5S as they apply to in- plant applications at a manufacturing facility. In addition to the classroom experience, the participants will perform an actual 5S project in the workplace.

VALUE STREAM MAPPING - A value stream map is a tool that is utilized to identify current performance of a process or system and to plan improvements. A value stream map can be developed for any type or level of process or system. A group's first use of this tool is usually at the plant level. They will be given basic information on Theory of Constraints and selected Lean manufacturing techniques to assist them in identifying where improvements to their processes should begin. This class is conducted in a plant setting and is usually conducted with upper management staff.

INTERNAL AUDITOR TRAINING - This course provides training for internal auditors at organizations who are, or are striving to be, ISO registered. In 2000, the ISO standards were revised and significant changes were made. Organizations will need to train or re-train all internal auditors on the revised standards. The course can be tailored to focus only on the standards (for those already trained in auditing) or to provide training in both standards and auditing techniques.

ISO 14000 - This course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the International standard for Environmental Management Systems and related issues. The course includes the history of the standards and their application to the American business community and the response by the Environmental Protection Agency.

LEAN SIX SIGMA - a methodology that utilizes a formal process and a variety of tools, including statistical analysis, to help companies reduce their costs and improve their profitability. It is a customer-focused strategy that provides a process for reducing costs through elimination of defects and reduction in variation. Utilizing Lean Six Sigma has enabled healthcare. Manufacturing, service, financial, educational and retail organizations to increase productivity and profits.

STEPPING UP TO SUPERVISOR - This course builds a base for the supervisor to meet his/her responsibilities of meeting the goals and mission of the company. The role of the supervisor pertaining to tasks and personal management is presented using current techniques and philosophies.

SUPERVISORY CERTIFICATION - Successful completion of all five courses with associated class requirements will result in a Supervisor Certificate and 3.5 hours of college credit.

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