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Scholarship Opportunities Listing

Full List of Scholarship Opportunities Coming Soon!

Other scholarships are awarded based upon stated criteria. Students should consider other scholarship award criteria when completing the scholarship application and providing information.

Please see the Scholarship Opportunities brochure for a complete listing of other scholarships. Scholarship amounts are determined by funding availability.NOTE: Academic scholarships pay for WKCTC credits only.

Currently Enrolled WKCTC Students Scholarship Criteria

Currently enrolled WKCTC students are eligible for other scholarships at WKCTC if:

  1. A complete scholarship application is submitted.
  2. They have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above (exceptions noted).
  3. They have completed a minimum of 12 and less than 24 graded college hours at WKCTC by the end of spring semester (PCC and WKCTC credits apply. Developmental classes included).
  4. They are a full-time student.