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Murray State VIP Connect

Transferring to Murray State University? MSU VIP Connect is for you! WKCTC has partnered with MSU to create a program that will provide benefits to assist you with your transfer plan as you are completing your degree requirements at West Kentucky.

Benefits of MSU VIP Connect

  • Reduced Cost - your admission application and transcript fees will be waived.
  • Collaborative Academic Advising - Students will receive academic advising services from Murray State University and WKCTC. This service will ensure you are taking the correct courses for your intended major.
  • Fixed Degree Plan - your catalog term and general education requirements are locked in and will not change. If Murray changes courses required for your degree after you have been admitted, those changes will not apply to you.

Don’t hesitate! You must sign up for MSU VIP Connect before reaching 30 credit hours.

It is FREE to sign up for Murray State VIP Connect!

To enroll in MSU VIP Connect, click here.