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Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Office at West Kentucky Community and Technical College is committed to providing students with disabilities with a positive environment focusing on student ability rather than disability. The Accessibility Services Office strives to foster success in all academic environments at WKCTC and to support equal access as well as promoting campus-wide diversity.

Process for Receiving Services through the Accessibility Services Office

  1. Complete admission to WKCTC
  2. Register for classes
  3. Provide appropriate documentation of a disability which can include a physical, mental, health related or learning disability. (An Evaluation Report and IEP or 504 Plan can serve as documentation.)
  4. Complete a Accessibility Services registration form
  5. Schedule an appointment with the Office of Accessibility Services to discuss individual needs and concerns in order to develop an Accommodation Request Form.

Accommodation request forms must be updated every semester and are not retroactive.