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Campus Security

The goal of West Kentucky Community and Technical College is to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone on our campus.

24/7 ON DUTY Security Officer Number:  (270) 564-8403

John Tolliver

John  Tolliver
Operations Manager of Security and Safety

Security/Safety: Anderson Technical Building, Room 212A
Office: (270) 534-3859

WKCTC Security Officers
WKCTC Security Officers WKCTC Security Officers
Doug AkersDoug Akers
Security Officer
Tristin BunkerA.J. Roberts
Security Officer
Kainan GoodakerKainan Goodaker
Security Officer
Larry LesniewskiLarry Lesniewski 
Security Officer
Chris TilleyChris Tilley
Security Officer
Scott MuirScott Muir
Security Officer
Ricky PearlRicky Pearl
Security Officer
Tanner ShepherdTanner Shepherd
Security Officer

Ken CanterKen Canter
Security Officer

About the WKCTC Campus Security Department

All Campus Security Officers are employed and trained directly by WKCTC.  Most of our Security Officers are retired law enforcement and/or military veterans.  Campus Security responds to all calls for service, investigates criminal incidents and policy violations that occur on campus, and submits written reports.  The first priority of the Campus Security Department is to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, employees, and visitors.

Additional services provided by the Campus Security Department include:

  • Security Escort (just call and we will walk with you to your car or class)
  • Provide a "jump box" if your vehicle has a dead battery or a jack for a tire change (you must use the "jump box", not the Security Officer)
  • Provide a list of tow services for vehicle issues (lockouts, tow, etc.)
  • Issue parking citations for handicap space or fire lane violations
  • Monitor and secure campus buildings
  • Monitor campus parking lots
  • Assist with special events on campus
  • Provide information to campus visitors
  • Maintain compliance with the Clery Act, Minger Act, KY Revised Statutes, and local ordinances
  • Campus Security cannot transport students for any reason

If your vehicle becomes disabled on campus, please notify Campus Security as soon as possible to avoid potential tow and impound charges.

Campus Security cannot attempt to unlock your vehicle.

Interagency Relationships

WKCTC Campus Security works closely with the Paducah City Police Department, the McCracken County Sheriffs Office, the Paducah City Fire Department,the Graves County Sheriffs Office,the Mayfield Fire Department, and the Kentucky State Police. The Security Officers also maintain a close working relationship with our Maintenance and Operations Department and other key personnel at WKCTC to help maintain a safe and secure campus.

Annual Security Report

The Annual Security report is prepared each year and details emergency procedures, reporting procedures, security and campus authority personnel, and a listing of the crime statistics for the last three years for each campus location.