Parking Policies | WKCTC

Parking Policies

Parking permits are required for faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and staff have designated parking spaces. New faculty and staff may obtain an employee hang tag for their vehicle at the Business Office in the Anderson Technical Building. Students are required to register their vehicle and obtain a parking hang tag at the Business Office in the Anderson Technical Building. Parking tickets will be issued for parking in handicap parking without a handicap permit and fire lanes.

Handicap Parking

WKCTC provides designated parking spaces for disability parking. These parking spaces are specifically designated for use by those who have permanent or temporary physical impairments that substantially limit mobility. Use of these spaces requires a state issued tag/license plate.

WKCTC parking areas are monitored by local law enforcement. If students are parked in the accessible parking areas without displaying a state issued tag they can receive a ticket from local law enforcement and from WKCTC.

Parking Violations include (but not limited to)

Parking in a handicap space without a handicap permit -- $10.00

Parking in a fire lane -- $10.00